Language Development: What Speech Pathologists need to Know about Second Language Development and Acquisition

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Hi!! This webquest is a basic introduction
to first language development and second language acquisition.  The webquest is
geared to pre-services teacher education student; however, school counselors as
well as special needs teachers, and reading support specialists may find this
basic information useful too!! This webquest should take no more than 2 weeks to
complete.  You could even complete it within a week. The time it takes your
class to complete this webquest depends on you and your goals.  My goal is to
give the students time to absorb the information and reflect upon it, so they
can utilize this information in other assignments throughout our course.


TESOL/ NCATE Standards
Domain 1: Language
1.b. Language Acquisition and development
Candidates understand and apply theories and research in language acquisition and development to support their ELL's English language and literacy learning and content-area achievement


I'd like to thank Zachary Dice for taking the time to put together this webquest!!! Judy Haynes www.everythingesl.com, Sheltered Content Instruction 4th edition by Echevarria and Graves, and Dr. Marcia Hoover for teaching Zach how to make webquests and for critiquing this one!

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