Language Development: What Speech Pathologists need to Know about Second Language Development and Acquisition



   Congratulations!!  You have successfully completed a pretty challenging assignment.  As you worked your way through the various tasks, you discovered how much more there is to language development than you may have thought or have been exposed to in the past. 

     In this webquest, you learned about First and Second language development and the similarities between the 2 and their differences.  You were also exposed to learning versus acquisition.  You also discovered that there are specific, concrete stages students who are learning a second language go through.  All of this information has developed and enhanced your awareness and comprehension of language as a system.  You are now prepared to discuss as well as participate in assignments concerning how the Brain learns language, Comprehensible Input, the WIDA proficiency standards and levels of English proficiency, choosing appropriate academic words and using tier words, as well as several other assignments and discussions we will be having throughout this semester.

      Please keep in mind you will be responsible for this material throughout the semester. 

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