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The task for this webquest is to create a Webquest on your own on an assigned topic.  This Webquest must aim at a communicative product to be presented by students through virtual means, reflecting all of the learning goals and applying what you already know about task based learning.  It must be addressed as online (virtual) learning, not remote learning.

Based on the reflective work referred on the "Process" section, you are suppossed to (cooperatively) create a Webquest framed on  the Task Based Learning approach, for students in the assigned grade to work online entirely. Remember that if it is for online learning, no activity must count on students getting together (physically), the instructions must be completely clear and specific and the product must be thought of in digital format.

No face-to-face or remote approach will be allowed, you must focus on 100% online activities.

Each teacher will assign the teams, so the task must be developed like this:

Team 1

Communicative function: Describing Weather

Grade: 3rd grade

Team 2 

Communicative function: Arguing about Global warming

Grade: 11th grade

Team 3 

Communicative function: comparing Religions Around the world

Grade: 10th grade

Team 4 

Communicative function: Explaining Food groups

Grade: 8th grade

Team 5 

Communicative function: Narrating Music History

Grade: 6th grade

Team 6 

Communicative function: Naming likes and dislikes

Grade: 1st grade

Team 7

Communicative function: Explaining British History

Grade: 9th grade

Team 8

Communicative function: Narrating childhood vacation

Grade: 7th grade


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  • About TBL
    Description: Site describing the TBL approach.

  • Task cycle
    Description: This is a visual representation on what a task must address.

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