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This is the step to step of the whole activity.  You must read it all before even starting to act on it.

Activities to be done during the encounter today

  1. Get in your teams (the ones in the breakout rooms), this is suppossed to be collaborative, not group work. (i.e. it is not about dividing work). It means that the correct completion of the activity requires for efforts to be put together, not divided and that the whole team is accountable for the whole activity.
  2. Clarify the concept. In different sections of this webquest, you will find resources to complement or illustrate what webquests are.  Read some of the URLs and see some of the videos available in the introduction section, check until you have a clear idea on what a webquest is. Be mindful of the time you have.
  3. Explore the internet (use Google search, academic sources of your own making and the data bases in the Academic System) for examples on webquests, it can be done either in English or in Spanish.  The purpose is to see how they work in real contexts.
  4. Write collaboratively a reflective text (300 words minimum) about the pedagogical uses of Webquests IN THE EFL CLASSROOM and upload it to the Virtual Campus (In the classwork section, right after the link for this Webquest and according to your group).  Look for sites discussing the topic, but write the proper references, don't limit yourselves to citing.  Check the Evaluation section to see the Rubric to be used to evaluate your work so that you know how each step is to be graded.

Activities to be done TO PRESENT IN THE FORUM IN INDEPENDENT WORK FOR NEXT CLASS (according to your class day).
  1. Explore the complete webquest and HAVE A CLEAR IDEA OF the task that you are supposed to complete, as well as the tools that have been added in the different sections.  Be specially detailed with the evaluation criteria.
  2. Re-check your knowledge about TBL before starting to plan your task.  This work must be done from that perspective, if you don't remember it or are not sure about it, that is the first step you must take.
  3. Plan a task on the assigned discourse levels and topics, taking into consideration that it must be a COMMUNICATIVE TASK  to be done by students entirely online (there can't be face-to.face component) and explore the web to find videos, links and files to provide your students for the task.
  4. Create the task on this server, Google Sites or any other Webquest creator that you find in your own quest.  Always take into consideration that the sections must correspond and the design must be cared for.
  5. Prepare a presentation for the group. Emphasize on the way the task corresponds to the Task based approach, on its online performance and the evaluation it will have.  This must be done in a video and posted in the forum that you find in Independent work in session 10.  Use either https://screencast-o-matic.com/ , Meet, Zoom or https://www.loom.com/ to do the screen recording, as the Webquest must be shown as you explain it.


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