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This task will be graded  with two perspectives:  a reflective perspective based on the analysis of the possibilities of webquests in the EFL classroom and a practical perspective in the creation of a task-based exercise for EFL in the form of a webquest.  Hence, there will be three products to be graded, the text to be uploaded in DICOM on the first day, a Webquest design and a presentation to the group the next session.  Activities prepared outside of these groups without proper authorization won't be presented or graded under any circumstance. If there is an evident or announced imbalance of every member of the team's commitment to the task, the grades will be differentiated.

The three products have a different score adding up to 5, to complete a single grade in our grading scale.

As a resource, you will have a page called Rubistar, which can help you develop the rubric for your own Evaluation section.


# Poor (0%-59%) Acceptable (60%) Good (80%) Excellent (100%) Score
Writing a reflective text on Webquests' use in the EFL classroom The text is difficult to read due to its language use and/or merely describes the findings on the topic. The text has an average use of language but limits itself to a descriptive recount of findings or is not focused on EFL. The text has a good use of the language, covers descriptive work and/or is limited in terms of reflection. The text is well written and shows a good reflective exercise 2
Creating a Webquest from the EFL perspective assigned The exercise is still focused on face to face interaction and/or just shows an accumulation of activities without communicative task perspective. The exercise has a virtual perspective but doesn't accomplish the purpose of task-based learning. The exercise is virtual-based, complies with the purpose of task-based learning and covers all the requirements of the task. The exercise shows creativity, develops both the environment and the pedagogical perspective and really engages the learner through online activities. It is complete, well written and innovative. 2
Presenting the Webquest to the group The presentation is not organized, the students don't show comprehension of the activity and the language use can be better. The presentation is well organized, the language use is appropriate but not all of the students show comprehension. The presentation is well organized, the language use is appropriate and all students show comprehension. The presentation is complete, coherent, organized and shows that the students comply with all the purposes of the task. 1

Total Score: 5


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