What is Cloud Computing?



Your school district is considering if they should invest in Cloud Computing and are looking for input. Your school been asked to form a research taskforce to provide a foundation of information on Cloud Computing. Your report should also present the pros and cons of this new technology.

As a group, you are to investigate Cloud Computing using various resources. You need to gather an overall description of the subject and report on the use of Cloud Computing as a learning tool. Your group will compose a 2-page (minimum), double spaced, report that summarizes your findings. The purpose of the report is to learn about Cloud Computing and help the school district decide the viability of investing in this technology.

You final report should include:

     1) Overview and general concept of Cloud Computing
     2) Advantages of Cloud Computing
     3) Disadvantages Cloud Computing
     4) Impact of Cloud Computing as a learning tool in school
     5) Group recommendation in favor of or against having the school district invest in Cloud Computing

 Have FUN while you learn!  

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