What is Cloud Computing?



You just heard the term "Cloud Computing" as part of a project you are working on. You want to know more about this technology. What is it all about? Will it affect me, and if so, how? What are the implications for Cloud Computing in school as a learning tool? These are some of the questions you will answer in your journey of exploring this emerging technology.

If you have not heard about this new technology concept, you will!  Some experts believe Cloud Computing is destined to be the future in computer application delivery and data storage.

This Webquest will provide you the resources to make a good start in investigating this new concept. As part of your investigation, you will be asked to explore the use of Cloud Computing as a learning tool for use in schools. Keep this in mind as you begin your research.

Review the article from the resource below. This will begin to answer your questions. Then proceed to the task section of this assignment.   

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