50 Nifty United States



In your group, there are 5 different Fact Finders.  Your teacher will assign one of them to each person in your group.  Here's what each person should do:

  1. Historian: Investigate the history of your state.  What are some important events that occured?  Are there important historical buildings, homes, farms, war sites, etc. in your state?
  2. Geographer: Discover the geography of your state.  What are the major mountains, lakes, and rivers in your state? Are there any unique landmarks (deserts, oceans, forests, etc.) that may be unique to your state?
  3. Cultural Observer: Gather facts about the common cultures in your state.  Who were the original settlers?  What cultures were there in the past?  What are some common foods, traditions, and celebrations of these cultures?  What cultures make up today's population?
  4. Political Observer: Find out about your state's government.  Who is the governor?  Are there any unsual laws travelers might need to know?  What are the state symbols?  What is the capital?  Where are the important government buildings?
  5. Economist:  Your job is to learn about the major things that are produced in your state.  What grows there?  What is made there?  How does your state make income?

Once each of you completes your research, you will gather your information together to create an ABC book about your state, similar to the many ABC books we've read aloud this year.  We will then finish by sharing our new ABC books and using the information we learn from them to compare and contrast the states!

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