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# Beginning Developing Meets Expectations Exemplary Score
Gather research on assigned state based on assigned Fact Finder task. Finds little or no facts. Finds few facts about state. Some facts may be irrelevent or inaccurate. Finds a good amount of facts (5). Finds a good amount of facts (5) and includes interesting details about each fact. 25%
Include facts and findings in group ABC book. Little or no facts are included in the booklet. No pictures included. Pictures are included, but facts are minimal and may be inaccurate. Pictures and facts are included. Writing is in complete sentences. Several facts and pictures are included. Writing is in complete sentences, with details that hold reader's attention. 25%
Compare and Contrast States in Group Discussion Student does not participate in class discussion. Student expresses minimal comparisons and contrasts of the states. Student compares and contrasts states with peers. Student actively compares and contrasts states with peers and includes details in doing so. 25%
Class Presentation Student did not participate in sharing with his/her group, or only minimally. Student showed some effort in presenting group's findings. Student participated equally with his/her peers to present findings. Student actively participated to present findings. Questions were answered with detail. 25%

Total Score: 100%

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