50 Nifty United States



1.  Once you are assigned your state and your Fact Finder job, go get a journal from your teacher to record your facts.  Your journal is set up in ABC order to help you to start thinking about which facts could represent which letters in your group ABC book!

2.  Use the links below to  search for information for your part of the project.  If you find something interesting that a group member is in charge of, you can always let them know where to look, but try to stick with what you're in charge of researching.  You will have 3 days to gather as much information as you can, before you join back up with your group to construct and publish your ABC book.

3.  Once your research is complete, join back up with your team to start creating your ABC book.  You will not use all of your research, as it will depend on how you and your team members' research fits into the letters of the alphabet.  Also, there should only be one page for each letter of the alphabet.  Don't worry if you can't think of something for each letter.  Some letters are impossible for some states!

4.  Once you've decided which facts are going to represent each letter, it's time to start writing.  Each page needs a picture and a small paragraph describing what was chosen for that letter.  See the teacher example for more details. 

5.  When all teams have completed their ABC books, we will share them in class and compare and contrast the states!


Web Link
  • The US 50
    Description: This site provides information on everything you ever wanted to know about your state...and more!

Web Link
  • State Profiles
    Description: This site provides a profile of each state, including the capital, state symbols, and much more.

Web Link
  • Fast Facts and Trivia
    Description: This is a great site to find interesting facts about your state that you may never know otherwise!

Web Link
  • State Knowledge
    Description: This site offers answers to almost all your questions about the states!

Web Link
  • Contact the Governor
    Description: This cool site allows you to look up the contact information of the state's governor!

Web Link
  • Netstate
    Description: This website provides links to many great resources about your state!

Web Link
  • Postcards from America
    Description: A very cool website that a teacher created during her travels all over the USA! Cool pictures and facts about each state!

Web Link
  • Kids Gov
    Description: This site provides a list of links for each of the 50 states that are full of interesting facts and details.

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