The Constitution and You



Your job:

1. Track down the original Constitution. When was it written? Which document did it replace? In what city did the drafting take place?

2. What kind of government does the Constitution establish? Explain this form of government in your own words.

3. Which part of the Constitution serves to establish it as supreme law? Which reasons are listed to describe the necessity for this part of the document? Is this part of the Constitution considered law? Why or why not?

4. Record the Six Basic Principles of the Constitution.

5. Briefly explain each of the Six Principles of the Constitution in your own words.

6. How many amendments does the Constitution contain? Which five are the most important to you? Explain why.

7. Briefly outline the system of checks and balances. Who has power over who? When do they have this power? How does this protect your rights?

8. In a short essay, describe why the Constitution, its six basic principles, and the checks and balances system within the United States government is important to you. How does it affect you? Why is it important to your everyday life?

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