The Constitution and You



Below is a list of websites you can use to help you complete your tasks. I have listed them in the order that, in my opinion, will make this easier for you. The first website will help you with the first task, and so on.

I have provided you with sheets to record your information. Simply find the correct answer and record it in the appropriate place on the sheet. For tasks that pertain to your own opinions or elaborations, I have provided you with extra paper. When answering these questions, please explain thoroughly in order to display your level of understanding about the topic.

When tracking down the Constitution, you must find the year it was written. You must also find out which document it replaced, and where it was drafted. Try this site:


When finding out what kind of government the Constitution establishes, you might try this site:


To determine which part of the Constitution is used to establish it, you may try the:


For tasks four and five, you might try:


When researching amendments, try these sites:



Use these websites to help with checks and balances:


For the last question, a website is not needed. Use the knowledge you have gained from this exercise in order to give your opinion. Be detailed and precise. Display the depth of your understanding.



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