The Constitution and You



You are a time traveler from 2408. You are a resident of what has endured as the United States of America, but the original Constitution was destroyed in a devastating war in the 2360's. As a result, the country has been operating under total government control, or a dictatorship, since 2370. Tired of the oppression and with memories of the good 'ol days, you have made it your personal mission to invent a time machine in order to obtain the original Constitution and carry it back to 2408.

Why retrieve the Constitution instead of some other governmental document? The Constitution was founded on certain beliefs, also known as six basic principles, which you hold very near to your heart. You believe a government must have some sort of fundamental, moral belief system in order to last. You also desire a system of checks and balances to eliminate another dictatorship from being possible. You want to restore justice and freedom to yourself and the citizens of the future United States of America.

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