Nuclear power: Good vs bad



YOUR TASK:    Your team must do research in several areas to answer the questions of the residents.  Your team will divide up the topics: one person gathering information on nuclear fission and fusion, another will explore how nuclear power is produced, while still another will look at its repercussions and disasters, and the fourth member researches the nuclear radiation and its effects on humans.  You will turn in a written paper answering the questions for each topic. Also your group will discuss your information and create a report with a supported recommendation to either oppose or support the town conucil's effort. Your team will also make a brief presentation of your findings.


Research:  Use the websites and questions provided on the Process page to gather information in the various areas.

Report:   A clean and neat copy of the questions done in ink or typed.
          A one page report with your recommendations for or against the nuclear company.  Your recommendations must be supported by your research.
          The paper must be typed using 12-font, double-spaced, 1-inch margins.

Presentation:    A 2-3 minute presentation on your recommendation.  All team members must contribute to the presentation.  Each team member must speak briefly on their area of research that supports the overall recommendation.


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