Nuclear power: Good vs bad



Your group will be graded based on the following rubric.


# 0-1 pt below average (D-F) 2pt- average (C) 3 pts-- above average (B) 4pts- examplary (A) Score
Research 0-pt: No information provided on topic. 1-pt: Information was not sufficient. Information needs to contain more detail. Information was sufficient. Information was more than sufficient. 25%
Teamwork 0-pt: Team members failed to work together. 1-pt: Team members did not work well together. Team members worked well together with few problems. Team member worked well with each other. Team members worked exceptionally well together. 15%
Recommendation 0-pt: The recommendation had no/little supporting info and lack organization. 1-pt: The recommendation had limited supporting data and was poorly organized The recommendation had some supporting data and was organized. The recommendation had supporting data and was well organized. The recommendation was excellent, containing key information and strong organization. 40%
Presentation 0-pt: Presentation was not organized and not all members participated. 1-pt: Presentation limited organization and some members were unprepared. Presentation was not well organized or informative. Some members were not well prepared. Presentation was well done and team was prepared and met all requirements. Presentation met and went beyond requirements. Team was organized, energetic and informative. 20%

Total Score:

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