The Protestant Reformation



This WebQuest will have you explore the causes of the Protestant Reformation as well as the effects.

YOU are the historian!  You will be in a group with 3 or 4 of your fellow historians to answer several questions.  Your goal is to go through provided resources to find the causes as well as the short-term, long-term, and permanent ramifications of the Protestant Reformation.  Together your group will be charged with the job of political advisors to a European monarch during the 16th century.  Your group's role is to cooperatively come up with political, social, and economic reasons for allowing or condemning Protestantism in your country and present your group's arguments to your monarch.  Once your group comes to a consensus you will create a presentation showcasing your argument.  Also, each of you will individually write a short paper on how the Protestant Reformation has changed the world.

Below are several links that you should explore at this point.

There are many conflicting opinions and arguments out there and this is a sensitive subject, so please remember you are an historian and thus a professional.  Please remain, sensitive, considerate, and respectful to other's views.


Web Link
  • New Advent
    Description: This site provides a very detailed description of the causes and effects of the Protestant Reformation. Key terms are highlighted providing links to definitions and explanations of the terms.

Web Link
  • TCI TeacherGenius
    Description: This provides an excellent look at the long-term and modern effects of the Protestant Reformation.

Web Link
  • Gnesio
    Description: This site provides Luther's complete 95 Theses in English. This could be used to see all of his grievances and his theories on religion and practices.

Web Link
  • Theopedia
    Description: This site provides an overview of key elements and people involved in the Protestant Reformation.

Web Link
  • Fordham University
    Description: This site has a section for the Reformation. It provides links to online full-length texts that are free of Luther's and Calvin's writings on religion.

Web Link
  • Church History Timeline
    Description: This website provides a general timeline of the Protestant Reformation. This could be used a quick point of reference for big events during this time.

Web Link
  • MacroHistory
    Description: This site provides a very detailed look at the effects of the Reformation throughout Europe.

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