The Protestant Reformation

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This is a very sensitive issue so it would be good to do this later in the school year.  Students need help building social skills; they need to learn how to work cooperatively and be respectful fo others' cultural backgrounds in order to effectively do this WebQuest with little or no unfavorable interactions between students.  So, once you as a teacher know your students, worked with them on these social skills, and are comfortable with them, then you can introduce a topic such as this.


Pennsylvania State Standards:

8.4.9.A: Compare the role groups and individuals played in the social, political, cultural, and economic development throughout world history.

8.4.9.B: Contrast the importance of historical documents, artifacts, and sites which are critical to world history.

8.4.9.C: Analyze how continuity and change have impacted world history in: belief systems and religions, commerce and industry, technology, politics and government, physical and human geography, and social organization.

8.4.9.D: Analyze how conflict and cooperation among groups and organizations have influenced the history and development of the world.


Below are some sources for you as a teacher that will help better your knowledge on this topic.


Reformation Europe: Age of Reform and Revolution
Description: Jensen, D.L. (1992). Reformation Europe: age of reform and revolution (2nd ed.). Lexington Mass.: D.C. Heath. This is a very broad yet detailed historical text on the Reformation

Web Link
  • YouTube
    Description: There are good educational videos on the Reformation provided here.
Here I Stand; A Life of Marting Luther
Description: Bainton,R.H. (1978). Here I stand; a life of Martin Luther.. New York: Abingdon-Cokesbury Press. This is an autobiographical piece of Luther

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