The Protestant Reformation



Well you've done it!  You have explored the web and other resources to get to the bottom of the Protestant Reformation.  Through research, group work, and individual work you have sought out and found the causes ad the political, social, and economic consequences fo the Reformation throughout Europe in the 16th century.  You were able to share your arguments and absorb your group's in or order to tackle a 16th century issue.  You've'even traced the Reformations ramifications all the way to today and were hopefully able to see the way it shaped the modern world.  Congratulations!

If you would like to learn further about this check out these sources below:


Web Link
  • Medieval Life and Times
    Description: Overview of the Reformation and focus on grievances made by Protestants against the Catholic Church

Web Link
  • New Advent
    Description: This part of the site specifically deals with John Wyclif. Wyclif whose time was earlier than Luther's, was considered a precursor to the Protestant Reformation because of some of his views towards the Catholic Church.

Web Link
  • YouTube
    Description: This site in YouTube provides videos on the Protestant Reformation.

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