State of the Union



The job ahead of you…

Create groups of 2

Your initial task is to choose a partner. You and your partner will both work on creating a written report detailing the specifics of your issue. For your State of the Union address, one partner will explain the current standing of your particular issue, while the other will speak about your plan for change. Make sure you choose a partner who is as passionate about America as you are. You will be working together in order to develop a written report that accompanies your State of the Union speech.

Determine your issue

You and your partner will be provided a list of the top issues/problems that currently face America. Choose wisely, for this will be your topic you will be required to educate your teacher and classmates on. Make sure this topic is of interest to you. You should begin to brainstorm your issue and develop ideas as to the way you plan to solve the problem. Remember, your plan should be supported by logic and reason. You will need to persuade people that your answer is the right answer.

Write a written report

Compose a 3 page written report detailing your specific issue. Utilize the digital resources provided to you. Remember to include why your issue is controversial and the problems associated with it. Most importantly, include a section of your report that explains your plans for a solution. You may use components of suggested ideas, but the answer itself should come from your own beliefs and ideas.

Prepare and Deliver a “State of the Union” speech

After completing your written report, your group will present your work in a speech like manner. Your report and presentation should include the following.

  • Details on your issue
  • Why your issue is important to America
  • An interview (video or written) that will serve as a primary resource. The interview should be of a person from the local community. This person should share their opinion on your particular issue.
  • Support for and against your issue. Make sure to critically think about your issue.
  • Your best plan to solve the problem.
  • Future outlook on the situation. Predict what will happen with your issue and how your plan will impact the future course of America.

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