State of the Union




America is at a crossroad and it is your job to unite the country.  There are many issues that confront this great country of ours, health care, education, foreign relations, and the economy are just some to name a few.  The problem is that America needs a great leader who will offer guidance, security, and answers.  Tonight you are to give a State of the Union address to the entire country.  Your job is to focus on one issue and determine its current “pulse” in America.  You must inform the American Public of the current problems associated with your particular issue, and suggest innovative and progressive solutions that will help our suffering country.  You must convince people of the importance of your issue, while being knowledgeable about the concerns of your citizens.  Your information combined with an inspiring speech may bring the much needed change this country needs.  Persuade “Congress,” US citizens, and the world that you are the dawn of a new era.  The power of change is in your hands.

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