State of the Union



The first thing you will want to do is select an issue. To determine your issue, discuss with your partner what your group would like to focus on. Please utilize the brainstorming WKST (Attached) to aid in your thought process.

Picking an Issue
Below are two websites that will help you select your topic. You may also use encyclopedias if you choose.
1) Vote by issue - This website is designed to help US citizens choose a political leader. Take the Quiz to see where you stand on the issues. Try clicking on "Election issues" after starting the quiz.
2) CNN.com - provides a wide range of issues that are guiding this years political race. Use this site to select your issue and to see where today's political leaders stand.

Researching an Issue
Below are websites that will aid in your quest for knowledge about a particular issue.
1) Google - Google is the most powerful search engine in the world. Type in your issue and click the search button.
2) Source Watch - This website provides an enormous amount of information on domestic and international issues. Utilize this website to research your issue.
3) NPR - National Public Radio's website provides reliable information that can be used in your report.
4) NYT - The New York Times election guide 2008. Click on the issue tabs above each of the candidates.

Report Writing
For your 3 page report make sure to use these websites and templates to help organize your writing. For your interview, follow the guidelines provided by the oral history template to help maximize the amount of information you receive from your source.
1) Purdue Writing Lab - Use this website to help you organize the structure of your writing.
2) SCN.org - This site is very useful in making sure you have all the needed parts in your writing. Refer to this website as you develop your 3 page report.
3) Pros/Cons - Use this attachment to help you think critically about your issue. Transfer your information into both your report and your speech.
4) Oral History - Use this attatchment when conducting your interview. Make sure to develop thought provoking questions.

Speech Writing
Developing a speech can be difficult. Make sure to use the website below to help facilitate the process. Remember to watch the examples of some of the world's greatest speeches.
1) Speech Writing - This website will help you write and deliver your speech. Check out student examples and read the tips from the pros.
2) MLK - The greatest speech ever given.
3) Barack Obama - Barack's speech on race and the pursuit of a more perfect union.

Now its time!
Now that you prepared your report and written your speech, it is time to deliver your message. Remember, it is up to you to help unite America and bring about the much needed change. Good Luck!


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