Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics



You will be working in groups (maximum of four, as selected by your teacher) to complete this WebQuest.  Every student is to complete individual tasks (as allocated) prior to meeting with their group and discussing their group presentation (your answer to the inquiry question). 

Firstly, before you start your individual tasks, use the links below to read about Corporate Social Responsibility and Business Ethics.  You may answer the following questions in a word document.  Make sure you record your name in the header of the document. Refer to the Evaluation Rubric (using the Evaluation Tab) when answering the following questions.

1.  What is Business Ethics and is it different to Corporate Social Responsibility?

2.  Explain why corporate social responsibility is a key concern in managing operations of a large business

      Look at the examples provided by The Body Shop and Coca Cola.

3.   Framework for ethical decision making

      The link below may help you analyse your information, you may want to print it out.

To assist your research in answering the inquiry question; the following scenario has been chosen.


1. Each of you will research the perspective of their stakeholder group towards the hypothetical Mining Company   �Dig  Deep Mining� to fill a labour shortage by bringing in workers from other countries.

Each group member will choose to research one of the following stakeholders:

  • Mining Company
  • Local Community
  • Local Government
  • Local Business People
  1. Each of you will then complete and submit your individual written task (25% of the total grade).
  2. You will then present the perspective of your stakeholder group to your class group of four. A group discussion will then take place, where each group member has the opportunity to further clarify or ask questions to gain a better understanding of the situation. 
  3. Your group is then to consider the various perspectives and to then provide an answer to the WebQuest inquiry question in the form of a 10 minute Power Point presentation.  Each group member is to participate in the group presentation (75% of total grade).
  4. Following the completion of all presentations there will be a full class discussion about what you have all learnt during the WebQuest.
Now, let�s start researching for your Individual Tasks:


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