Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics


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This WebQuest is going to help you explore the importance of social responsibility and business ethics.  Ethics exist wherever people are placed in a position which requires them to make a decision which has them question their moral principles, beliefs or values. 

 As a student you may have already been challenged with a difficult situation where you have had to make an ethical decision.  You will most certainly be met with future ethical decisions throughout your life.  Many managers from large organisations have had their ethical decisions criticised and the results of their choices have had devastating consequences for other people. 

 You will define the terms social responsibility and business ethics.  Together you will then research and analyse information on the following inquiry question:

 Considering current labour shortages in the mining industry and the views of the various stakeholders and the law, should Australian Companies (or those based in Australia) be allowed to import migrant workers to Australia for employment? 

 Students will be able to apply the duties and responsibilities as demonstrated by ethical behaviour (which come with being a member of a community) to propose a group/class or school project which will provide them with the opportunity to exhibit ethical behaviour and contribute to their local or wider community. 


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