Corporate Social Responsibility and Ethics

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will learn how to evaluate information to assist in making informed decisions
when put an ethical situation.  Students
will research ethical business cases and then develop a project (covering
moral, social values, community and legal aspects) which can be adopted by
their class or school which promotes citizenship.

Students will be able to apply the duties and
responsibilities as demonstrated by ethical behaviour (which come with being a
member of a community) to propose a group/class or school project which will
provide them with the opportunity to exhibit ethical behaviour and contribute
to their local or wider community. 

Web Quest was constructed for use by students in a Year 11 Business Studies
class in NSW. However, the Web Quest could also be used as a learning tool,
with minor adaption to meet specific student needs to incorporate study of
business ethics or social responsibility to any secondary student.

WebQuest was designed to meet the needs of students studying the HSC Topic:
Operations (NSW BOS 2010, p.19) and specifically meets outcomes:

Corporate Social Responsibility and
H7 plans and conducts investigations into contemporary business

strategies used by students are designed to meet the objectives of researching,
investigating and evaluating business cases (NSW BOS, 2010, p.9).

The Web Quest meets the objectives as they relate to "values and attitudes
about... ethical business behaviour (and) corporate social responsibility"
(NSW BOS, 2010, p.7).

The Web Quest is also cross-curricular as it draws on issues and prior
knowledge gained from other related subjects (Legal Studies, History and

It is
strongly suggested that as this particular inquiry question is current in
today, students should be encouraged to use the links provided in this WebQuest
as a basis to commence their learning journey.

Learning Approach:

The inquiry method is used within the WebQuest to engage and motivate the students
and to offer "superior transfer value" that is advocated by Bruner as
an integral component of an effective constructivist approach (Marsh, 2010, p.

The inquiry approach is used as it is considered to be an effective way of
exploring controversial issues on which there exist multiple perspectives
(Gilbert, 2004). Gilbert (2004, p. 110) also states that it is important to
note that when exploring controversial, values related issues, students
"not be forced to hold a particular view". This concept was kept in
mind when designing the WebQuest as it allows the student opportunity to research,
reflect, discuss and further engage in topic content by researching additional

strategies such as higher order thinking, deep knowledge and substantive
communication were designed into the WebQuest design to give the student the
opportunity to further develop these skills and to have the opportunity to
test their abilities in a safe and positive learning environment under the
supervision of their teacher.  The
skills are used to solve a complex and real world problem, a problem which
has no simple, clear solution (Newmann & Wehlage, 1993).

additional and optional component offered to the students to develop a
suitable Social Responsibility project is designed to further engage and
offer the opportunity for students to develop stronger relationships with
their school and wider community.









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