Las vacaciones de verano en el mundo hispano



Once you have decided on a country that you would like to visit, you will work with a group of 2 or 3 other students to plan the complete itinerary for your summer holiday.  Together you will plan the order in which you will visit your countries, and what your group visual is going to be like.  You may choose to do a power point presentation, a photo album, a brochure or a poster to illustrate your overall itinerary.  

 Each student will be responsible for researching and preparing a detailed description and travel itinerary for his or her favourite country.  This information will be presented orally to the class - en espanol! - as part of your group presentation.  Information about your country must be included in the group visual.

Using the maps in the Avancemos text book, work with your group to determine a logical  order for your visit to the different countries.  Write the names of your countries and your individual responsibilities on the group planning sheet given to you by your teacher.  Include as well  the type of visual that you and your group members have chosen to prepare.



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