Las vacaciones de verano en el mundo hispano



Vamos a empezar! 

 Once you have organized your group, and decided on your itinerary and visual display, you are  ready to begin your individual research.  

  1. Most of the information you need can be found at the Lonely Planet Travel Guide website.  The URL for this website is in the Resources section below.  Take some time to get to know your country here.
    Other useful website URLs have also been listed in the Resources section below.  You may find some other interesting information about your country here!

     2.  Once you are familiar with your country's web page,   take notes on the following  information:

                                                1.  la bandera (flag) y los colores

                                                2.  donde esta tu pais

                                               3.  el clima en verano (junio y julio)

                                               4.  el presidente

                                               5.  el dinero

                                               6.  5 sitios turisticos

                                              7.  5 actividades turisticos

                                             8.   la geografia - hay montanas, playas??

                                             9.  las ciudades importantes

                                         10.  porque  quieres visitar el pais

                                         11. comida

    3.  Use the note-taking document to record what you have learned about your country.  You can find the document in the Resources section below.  You will hand this completed document in as part of your project.

   4.  Use the Spanish structures and vocabulary from the language document to help you to prepare simple sentences to describe the different aspects of your country.  This will be the basis for your oral presentation to the class.  Make sure that your sentences are simple and brief - and of course, en espanol!  You MUST use the structures and vocab that we have learned in class.  Do not attempt to use translators or outside sources to prepare your presentation.  IT MUST BE IN YOUR OWN VOICE!

   5.  You will bring your notes and research to class so that you can  work with your group to create your final presentation.  Practice your individual oral section with your group.  Make sure you are all well prepared and have included the necessary information for each country.

   6.  In your group, decide how you will prepare your visual.  Make sure that each person knows his/her individual and group reponsibilities.  If someone is absent, make sure they get caught up in good time.

   7.   On presentation day, you and your group will present your finished project to the class.  Each person will describe his/her leg of the journey that he/she has planned, and use the group visual to show the highlights of your trip.

  8.  Your project will be evaluated using the Rubric posted in the Evaluation section of the Web-quest.  Make sure you read through it carefully so that your final presentation is fantastico!








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