Las vacaciones de verano en el mundo hispano



It is almost summer, and you and 2 or 3 of your friends have won a trip to visit  3 or 4 countries in the Spanish - speaking world.  You have an unlimited budget and the whole summer for your trip!  Together with your friends, you are going to plan the best summer vacation ever!

Once your itinerary has been completed, you will present your travel plans to the class as a group.  Your presentation will involve an individual speaking component (en espanol!) and a group visual component.  You will not only learn about the many amazing cultures of the Spanish- speaking world, but you will also learn how technology can help you to learn more about Spanish-speaking countries and their people.

You can begin your journey by checking out the song below.  In the song you will hear the names of all of the Spanish speaking countries in the world!!

Ahora,  "haz tu maleta"  - get packing!  Esta es una oportunidad de toda la vida!

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