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  1.  I want each of you to review the introduction page in the WebQuest, after which you will go to the blog page to answer the questions individually. 
  2. Each of you will then click on the link attached below to watch the difference between proper nouns and common nouns. Additionally, you will need to listen to the podcast for more information about the difference between proper and common nouns. 

Watch and listen carefully, as you will need this knowledge to complete worksheets in your own time and space and upload it to the google classroom. These worksheets will be place in the process section of this WebQuest.

3. In this last phase of the process, you my little Rockstar's will create posters in the same groups that you worked in last week. These posters should be about the new knowledge you have gather on this your journey, the things you have discovered and the things you have learnt. 


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Web Link

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