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A poster is a large printed picture used for decoration.

The posters will be 20% of your overall grade.

The posters should be very creative. You can use cartridge paper or printing paper to create your posters.

Information of what you learnt should be on the posters.

The posters should be very organize. There is no limit to what you put on your posters as long as it is content base meaning that it should be about proper and common nouns, also it should be very organize.

There should be graphics such as pictures on the posters. The graphics/pictures should be related to the content which is proper and common nouns.

You are required to but not limited to use information that you gather from the online resources. Such as the podcast and the WebQuest.


# 5 4 3 2 Score
CREATIVITY Very creative Somewhat creative Little to no creativity No creativity any at all
WHAT YOU LEARNT/CONTENT Content is clear and is enough Content is clear but not enough Little to no content No content is there
ORGANIZATION Information is very organize and clear Information is organize but not clear Little to no organization Not organize any at all
USE OF GRAPHICS All graphics are related to the topic Some of the graphics are related to the topic Little to no graphics No graphics at all

Total Score:


  • Example of a poster
    Description: This is an example of what the posters may look like. However, you my superstar can do way better than this. I believe in you

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