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Creator of WPAP.

Wedha Abdul Rasyid, known as Wedha, was born in Pekalongan, March 10, 1951. Born in Pekalongan City, now known as the City of Batik and the Creative City of UNESCO, made him known as an Indonesian graphic artist. Wedha, who is also a member of ASKARLO 1969, is a term for alumni of Pekalongan Public High School 1 (Pekalongan Kartini High School Alumni, ed)

Information of Mr. Wedha abdul rasyid : https://id.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wedha_Abdul_Rasyid

Photo of Mr. Wedha abdul rasyid : https://www.ayobandung.com/images-bandung/post/articles/2018/01/26/27978/wpap.jpg

WPAP is an abbreviation of Wedha's Pop Art Potrait is a style of modern pop art. WPAP was formerly called FMB (Foto Marak Berkotak). Technically, WPAP has certain characteristics in depicting objects, where in WPAP you will find boxes that are checkered and filled with colors between fields without eliminating the character of the object or the model being drawn. In WPAP you certainly will not find curved areas, that's why WPAP has certain characteristics that make WPAP unique in terms of manufacturing techniques.

[Reference pic : By me]

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