WPAP (Wedha’s Pop Art Potrait) [GUIDE]



Why does the repeating process get the biggest score? because all the things are done for the first time is harder, nothing perfect or good at the beginning, so never give up and keep repeating because it is the key to good achievement, because of the process of teaching and the experience of speaking is more than anything else. -Erdiansyah

[Reference pic : By me]


# 1st STEP 2nd STEP 3rd STEP 4th STEP Score
Preparing Tools Laptop + Mouse / PC Using Software Adobe ilustrator / Corel Draw Adding Color pallete Edit with hard quality photos 20 %
The Faceting Process Tracing the image Divide human faces into aspects Formed based on the different levels of dark and light areas seen in the original photo Shapes formed by curved lines 20 %
Coloring Process Draw shapes Connect areas with shapes and add white shapes Use larger shapes in less detailed areas Choosing the right color 20 %
Repeating Fix the shapes Fix the gradient light and dark Fix more faceting Fix the color choosing 40 %

Total Score: 100 %

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