Crossing America with Native American Tribes



Many years ago the first people there were a tribe of people who lived North America.  Do you know who those people were? They are known as Native Americans, also know as Indians too.

During this unit on Native Americans, you will be researching and learning about six tribes of Native Americans; the Shoshone, the Inuit, the Cheyenne, the Navajo, the Cherokee and the Iroquois.

You will be placed into one of the six different groups to explore the life of your tribe. Native American tribes lived in a different area of the United States, what children did different in each tribe, how the climate was different in each area, how people lived in different types of homes, what the tribes used for money, and how the food was different.

Each group will be exploring the different lives of their tribe. If you are ready to begin, click on the task link at the left of the page to learn more.


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