What's the Cost of your Vacation?




# 1 2 3 4 Score
Completion of Portfolio 2 or less sections included. Lacking development. 3 sections included but lacking information. All 4 sections included but lacking information. Portfolio is complete. All 4 sections included and well developed.
Evidence of Research No evidence of Research. Little evidence of research. Worksheet not filled out. Some of the worksheet not filled out. Some evidence of research Worksheet filled out. Clear evidence of research.
Teamwork Group was asked to stay on task more than three times. 1 person did the work. 1 person did most of the work with some help from others. Asked twice to stay on task. Not every member participated in the research and the portfolio. Asked once to stay on task. Worked well as a team. Every person participated in the research and the compiling of the portfolio.
Organization of Portfolio No organization to portfolio. Information is in wrong sections of portfolio. Sections not clearly labeled. Sections mostly clear but needs more organization. Portfolio clear. Sections well organized.

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