What's the Cost of your Vacation?



Congratulations! Your portfolio is finished! On a sheet of paper answer the following questions.

1. Was planning this vacation what you thought it would be? Why or why not?

2. If you were the parents looking at your portfolio, would you approve of the vacation plan? Why or why not?

3. Now do you see all that goes on in planning a trip?

**When you are finished answering these questions, turn your answers into your teacher.

Now you are going to do a free-write using one of the following prompts:

Option 1: Write about the vacation planning process.  Be sure to talk about some of the struggles you went through. You can also talk about sections that were easier than the others.  If you could add something to your planning process that was not required, what would it be?


Option 2: Write a short story as if you and your family went on the trip you just planned. Did it go smoothly? Were there any extra unplanned costs? What did you like or dislike? Did you appreciate this vacation more because you planned it yourself?

When you have finished this paper, turn it into your teacher as well.

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