Protecting Nature by Making Conservation Management Plans



Welcome: Protecting Nature by Making Conservation Management Plans
Description: For most people, the phrase 'Caring for the World' means doing their best as a member of a community, a neighbourhood and a family to make Earth a better place to live for everybody, particularly future generations who will be part of a global 'conservation culture'. Nowadays we can no longer avoid the fact that the way we live our lives is affecting the planet. To be effective, even in small ways, means behaving according to a plan. The planning process for an individual could be as simple as pinning 'to do' notes on the fridge door as reminders to use less materials and energy. For a neighbourhood group concerned about crime, litter, or trees in the street, it could be organised in a diary or a PC spreadsheet. For those wishing to act on their concerns about climate change, they may want to plan to reduce their carbon footprint or encourage their neighbours to do so. This quest has been produced to demonstrate how to make plans for environmental improvements, which span home-based energy saving to running a local nature reserve. All plans follow the same simple logic of setting a target and saying how and when it will be reached by monitoring progress to a measurable objective.Most of the examples deal with improving local biodiversity, but the planning method could be applied to manage any community issue.
Grade Level: 6-8
Curriculum: Science
Keywords: nature,protection,conservation,environmentalism,planning,environmental management,ecosystem services,
Author(s): Denis Bellamy


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