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  • Rescue Mission Planet Earth
    Students will explore the impact of humankind on Earth's natural resources. They will place themselves in the bigger planetary picture. They will integrate skills in language, arts, social studies and science while working through this quest to buil
    Subject: Life Skills / Careers | Grade: 9-12
    Author(s): Denis Bellamy
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  • Envisage The Future And Communicate It In Art And Poetry
    The aim of this webquest is to activate creative processes for students to help make the world a better place. Images are to be created of an instructive past, an unwanted present and a desired future in pictures and words and used to envisage a be
    Subject: Art / Music | Grade: K-2
    Author(s): Denis Bellamy
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  • Equal Rights
    The international community has increasingly expressed consensus on the importance of human rights education to the realization of equal rights. Human rights education aims at developing an understanding of our common responsibility to make human rig
    Subject: Art / Music | Grade: 9-12
    Author(s): Denis Bellamy
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  • Protecting Nature By Making Conservation Management Plans
    For most people, the phrase 'Caring for the World' means doing their best as a member of a community, a neighbourhood and a family to make Earth a better place to live for everybody, particularly future generations who will be part of a global 'conse
    Subject: Science | Grade: 6-8
    Author(s): Denis Bellamy
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  • Caring For Wildlife In Communities (cwicnet)
    CWICNET is an education campaign to promote awareness about the loss of wildlife around the world and what we can do about it.
    Subject: Science | Grade: 6-8
    Author(s): Denis Bellamy
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