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Description: Description: The intention of this WebQuest is for students to research their own introduction to Greek mythology. It includes: 1. Where did the gods live, who ruled them, and how did they come to power?; 2. A quest for information about each of the 12 Olympian gods/goddesses (Name/Purpose/3 interesting facts), plus a few other interesting deities; 3. What is a "demigod", who were they, and what were their talents/powers/accomplishments?; 4. Who were some major heroes? (same questions as #3); 5. What were some notable monsters and creatures in Greek mythology? What are they known for?; 6. Vocabulary based on mythology; 7. Companies and brands using mythological names/symbols. Students will use information gathered to analyze the values and norms of ancient Greek culture, then compare it with our culture today. Students will build on this by creating a god or goddess based on our culture and society, write a myth about it, and illustrate the god or goddess created.
Grade Level: 9-12
Curriculum: English / Language Arts
Keywords: mythology, Greek mythology, gods, goddesses, demigod,heroes
Author(s): Melissa Plitt




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