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This  WebQuest is about the topic plate tectonics which inclues the various plate movements with examples.  This WebQuest would take about one (1) hour to be completed as there are several activities which involve students.  Teachers are authoritative and researchers therefore the source that will be given to students are objective, accurate, current, helpful, and attractive.  The WebQuest is geared at allowing students the opportunity to use WebQuests activities to develop inquiry skills, learn content, and build technology skills is an endeavor not without obstacles.


The National Geography Standards

1. Geographic Perspectives

Geographers have different perspectives to frame their understanding of the world. In particular, students of geography learn to approach the world from the spatial perspective and the ecological perspective. The spatial perspective asks, “Where is it? Why is it there?”  These questions would be asked for the examples of the movement of plates.

2. Geographic Knowledge

The 18 geographic knowledge standards are grouped by 6 Essential Elements: 1) The world in Spatial Terms; 2) Places and Regions; 3) Physical Systems; 4) Human Systems; 5) Environment and Society; and 6) The Uses of Geography. Students will learn terms that are associated wiith the suject for example plate tectonics and how it affects the environment.  Effects of plate tectonics are volcanic activities, earthquakes and mountains. 

3. Geographic Skills

The 5 geographic skills describe how students systematically conduct geographic investigations. By practicing these skills students become actively engaged in "doing geography". The five skills sets are: 1) Asking Geographic Questions; 2) Acquiring Geographic Information; 3) Organizing Geographic Information; 4) Analyzing Geographic Information; and 5) Answering Geographic Questions. Students will draw upon critical thinking skills such as inferring, analyzing, hypothesizing, and predicting.  Doing the role play, was for students to analyse the different plate movements which would help them to draw conclusion on the examples of the plate movements.  Students were also given additional information to research, the will develop a love for the subject as well as better understanding as the subject evolves and changes overtime. 


There were several sources that were used to gather information to present in WebQuest.  There were several educational websites that were used including LiveScience (2018), National Geographic (2018), youtube was also used and google images were also taken.  I would also like to thank Ms. Nelson and Ms. Bunting (lecturers) who guided in the signing up to join the website.  Instructions were also given to aid teacher-students in the processes of having an understanding what to do and what the website is all about.  The course, Education Technology was a backbone in learning about technological tools to help in making the websites more interesting and interactive to involve students in the learning process.

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