Plate Tectonics



Phase 1

 Students will be provided with a blog that was created by the author which has credible and authentic information on the topic.  Students will use blog to find all the information they will be needing. The students will be divided into two groups to read the information from the blog as well as to answer questions from the PowerPoint. 

Phase 2
 Students will collaborate with their group mates in answering the questions from the interactive PowerPoint.  The PowerPoint has several questions to be answered based on the information that was presented.  Students will work together in answering the questions, as there are several points to be gained for each correct answer.  In this section, the groups will be competing against each other to get the most points.  The team that scores the most point, would mean that those students were working together, as well as understanding what they read.  

Phase 3

Students will be involved in an illustration in the form of a role play.  Four students each will be assigned to one of the plate movements: divergent plate boundary- students will be in two pairs, each pair will move away from each other leaving a gap in the middle which would result in volcanic activities taking place, convergent plate boundary- Students will be in two pairs, each pair will move towards each other and then colliding, this will result in the formation of mountains, transform plate boundary- students will be in two pairs, each pair will pass be, and touching each other, this will cause tension between the pairs which results in shaking which causes earthquake. The other students will explain the formation of earthquake, volcanic activities and mountains with reference to the illustrations that were done by their fellow classmates. 

Phase 4
Each student will write a paragraph on their understanding of plate tectonics.  Students will also describe the plate movements as well as to give exampples of each plate movement.

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