Plate Tectonics



        By the end of the WebQuest students should be able to describe the movement of the different plate boundaries. Students will also share examples of each plate boundary, with explanation of how the movement of the plates contribute to their formation.  Students should use the blog provided to explain the different plate boundaries.  Students will also do a role play, with the different movement of the plates on Earth's crust, this role play will also explain the results of plate movements.  The students will also express what they understood from the presentation.

        This WebQuest intends to develop independence in students, as they will be using the blog to find information on the task.  The blog also has an interactive PowerPoint to help in retention of information. Students will do the movement of how plates move across the Earth's crust.  The PowerPoint was created to ensure students are involved and that their responses are answered.   These activities are appropriate for 13 to 14 year old students, as it help students social more with peers as some of the activities that will be done is group activity.  Even if there are individual differences among the students, they will have to work together to get the result of the different plate movements and to have an understanding of each formation. 

        The WebQuest will help students develop interdependent as well to collaborate with peers for effective work to be done which would result in understanding and retention of information.

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