Touring around Hong Kong

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Target learners:
This Webquest is targeted for the Key Stage 2 (Age 9-12) ESL learners.

Notes for teaching the unit:
1. As this unit is helping Hong Kong ESL learners to explore more about their hometown (Hong Kong), teachers of the other countries might need to modify the teaching and learning materials a bit to suit your teaching context.

2. It will be better for teachers to share their own touring experience to the students first in order to arouse their interest and activate their schema in this topic.

3. The tasks that are given to students are very much focusing on writing and speaking skills. If you learners are weak at these areas, you might need to provide further guidance for them to help them complete the tasks.

4. Ensure your students have a basic knowledge of the future tense before assigning the tasks to them as they are required to plan the itinerary that is going to happen in the future.

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