Touring around Hong Kong



Good job everyone! You have become an expert on touring around Hong Kong now!
Do you still remember what have you learnt in this topic?
How many kinds of attractions in Hong Kong can you think of now? More than 10? 20?

Now, you should be able to...
1. Talk about the different attractions in Hong Kong and the activities you can do there.

2. Know how to write a riddle.

3. Know how to plan an itinerary of a trip in Hong Kong.

I hope you have more ideas now about where to go  around in Hong Kong during your summer holiday!

Here are some suggestions for your further learning:
1. You can try to go to Tsim Sha Tsui and interview the tourists about their favourite place in Hong Kong.
2. You can also give some suggestions to the tourists about the other places that they can visit in Hong Kong.

Try this out with your classmates during your holidays!
Such experience can help you practise speaking English as well!

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