Touring around Hong Kong

How to complete the tasks


How to complete Task 1?

Before learning more about the tourist attractions in Hong Kong,
Miss Li would like to ask you a question:
Did you have any special experience in touring around Hong Kong? For example, going to Ocean Park, Hong Kong Disneyland, visiting Hong Kong Science Museum, etc.

Now, Miss Li wants to share my own touring experience in Hong Kong to you.
Please download the PowerPoint file
* Task1_Touring around Hong Kong and spend some time to read it.
After reading my touring experience, can you tell me more about yours too?

Now, download
the Word file *Activity Sheet 1.
Firstly, you need to scan the photo or draw a picture about your experience.
Next, you need to write a few sentences about the name of the place you went to and the time you went there.
e.g. I went to Ocean Park on my 6-year-old birthday./ I went to Hong Kong Disneyland last Sunday.
After that, you need to write down some feelings about your touring experience.
e.g. I like the touring experience because I played a lot of exciting games and ate a lot of delicious food. / I like it very much because I took photos with my favourite cartoon character Winnie the Pooh.

Please send your work to my e-mail: lkwkaren@hku.hk.
I'm looking forward to reading your experience!

How to complete Task 2?

Afters haring your touring experience, do you want to know more about what other places in Hong Kong that you can visit?

Firstly, please visit the URL links given below to know more about the attractions in Hong Kong.
Secondly, click English and you will see the full website.

, click Attractions and you will find out more about the other special places to visit in Hong Kong.

After looking through the lists of attractions, please choose one of the favourite places in Hong Kong.
You are going to write your riddle about it and let Miss Li guess.

Before writing your own riddle, I also have a riddle to let you guess.
Please download the PowerPoint file
*Task 2_Riddle and spend some time to read it.

After reading the PowerPoint,
please download*Activity Sheet 2.
Remember to scroll down the page and fill in the Answer.

Please send your work to my e-mail: lkwkaren@hku.hk.
I'm looking forward to
guessing your riddle!

How to complete Task 3?

Good job! You have already learnt more about different kinds of places you can visit in Hong Kong.Miss Li has one mission for you to complete!
Please download the PowerPoint file
*Task 3_Australian family coming to Hong Kong and spend some time to read it.

Last year, Miss Li went to Australia and studied for 2 months there. I lived in an Australian home and I was taken care by the Chris's family. They were very welcoming and we had a great time together!

In the coming summer holiday, the Chris's family will come and visit Hong Kong!They want me to help them design a 7-day trip itinerary.
But Miss Li is very busy and I want all of you to give me some suggestions about this.
Please form into groups of 4-5
download*Activity Sheet 3.

Here are some tips for you to complete the mission:

What are the suggested places for the family?
What so special about the places you have chosen?
How much time does the family need to spend in that place?
How can you fulfill the needs of the Chris's family?

*Share your favourite place in Hong Kong with your group mates to gather the ideas and see if they are suitable for the Chris's family to go.
*Please suggest 1-2 place(s) for the family to go on each day.
*Remember to also think about at least 3 activities that they can go.
*You may visit the URL links below for more ideas in helping you to plan the itinerary.
*Try to hold the discussion by using the magic words given on the PowerPoint slides 6-8.

assign one student and send your planned itinerary to my e-mail: lkwkaren@hku.hk.
In the coming English lessons, each group is invited to present your itinerary to the whole class and we can gather the ideas together!
I'm looking forward to reading your great ideas!

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