Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: I have a dream speech

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Thematic Strands:


-Time, Continuity, & Change

-People, Places, & Environment

Task 1:

Social Studies Framework (Fourth Grade)

Global Affairs

3. Describe and illustrate geographic aspects of a region using fundamental geographic vocabulary.

a. Use social studies tools (e.g. time lines, maps, globes, compasses, graphs, grids, and technological resources, etc.) to describe the connections among the people, places, and enviornment of Mississippi and the southeaster region. (DOK2)

Task 2:

Language Arts Framework (Fourth Grade)

2. The student will apply strategies and skills to comprehend, respong to, interpret, or evaluate a variety of texts of increasing levels of length, difficulty, and complexity.

b. The student will analyze texts in order to identify, understand, infer, or synthesize information. (DOK2)

Task 3:

Visual and Performing Arts Framework (Third and Fourth Grade)

Visual Arts

1. Know the differences between a variety of media and processes and use them to create works of art that communicate ideas. (CP)

c. Demonstrate increased manipulative skills by performing a variety of tasks (e.g, cutting gluing, arranging, constructing, sorting, tracing, rubbing, folding, bending, modeling, coloring, painting, drawing, scribbling, stitching, wrapping, weaving, tearing).         


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