Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: I have a dream speech



You will be graded on your clothesline timeline and "I Have a Dream" speech mobile according to the rubric below. Be sure check the rubric to make sure you have all the essential parts in your projects.


# Beginning Developing Very Good Examplary Score
Completed all tasks Didn't complete any of the work. A little bit of the work was done, but not enough. More than half of the work was completed and the tasks were clear. All of the tasks were completed and very clear. 20
Preparation Didn't prepare at all for this project. Put forth little effort to prepare for this project. Pretty well prepared for this project. Fully prepared for this project. 10
Quality of work Not unique or special. Some good thoughts but not fully put together. Creative and shows some indivudality. Very unique and creatively put together. 20
Final Presentation Poorly organized presentation, and unclear. Some organization problems, but clear thoughts. Neatly put together, and thoughts are clear and correct. Very well organized, no grammatical errors. Thoughts expressed in a unique but clear way. 50

Total Score: 100

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