Trout: From Eggs to Adults - A Journey of Survival

Your Explorations


These tasks will help you explore the world of trout -- what they look like; where they live; and what they need to survive. Follow the tasks in order, and be sure to complete all the steps on each task page.

Task 1 Complete a stages of growth diagram, and a trout life cycle booklet.

Task 2 Label trout body parts and identify five different types species of trout.

Task 3 Explore trout habitats and identify hazards that trout must overcome to survive to adulthood. 


-Design a four-section hanging diorama to display the life cycle of trout, different types of trout, trout habitats, and hazards to trout survival.

-Create a Powerpoint to help you teach the class about your diorama.

For more specific detail, visit the Process and Project links.

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