Trout: From Eggs to Adults - A Journey of Survival

Trout Unit Projects


It's time to share what you've learned! As we bring our trout unit to a close, you and your partner will create a four-section diorama and a PowerPoint presentation to share what you have learned about trout and their journey to survive.

Use your notes and completed tasks, and follow the directions below, to create your final two projects.

Task 1 Create a four-section diorama, with each section showing one of the following areas you have explored and learned about trout:

    1. Life Cycle
    2. Characteristics
    3. Habitat
    4. Survival

Go to How to Make a Triorama for instructions on how to make each section of the diorama. You will have to make four individual sections and staple them together at the top and the bottom. I will demonstrate the process in class.

All materials (paper and art supplies) can be found in the classroom. You may use crayons, colored pencils, or markers. Be sure to to label or identify pictures, pop-ups, and decorations where needed.

Task 2 Create a PowerPoint presentation with the following:

-- A title page with both partners' names and a picture of your diorama.

-- Four additional slides, each one describing a section of your diorama.

Instructions and time for making the PowerPoint will be given as a whole group.

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