Trout: From Eggs to Adults - A Journey of Survival

Similarities and Differences


Discover what makes a trout a trout, no matter what it might look like.

You will complete this task with a partner, but each person will complete individual Species of Trout and Label the Trout worksheets.

1.  Print out two copies of the Species of Trout worksheet .

2. Click on this link Trout Species to find different types of trout.  Choose five different types and list them on your Species of Trout worksheet. Give two facts about each trout type. You may choose either the same five or different trout species as your partner.

3. Print out 2 copies of Label the Trout Anatomy worksheet below. Use URL Links (Internal and External Diagrams) to find your information. 

4. Print out two copies of the Trout Mobile Template 

          * Choose one of the trout types from Task 2 above and describe its
             characteristics (color, size, fins, etc.), on the lined side 
             of the Trout Mobile template.

          * Color the blank trout to match the specific type you chose.  

          * Cut out both fish and the Trout Type box.  

          * Hole punch where shown, and put together with yarn.

          * Use this same link Trout Species to find your information.

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