About Poland



Phase 1: you should find information about Poland, using the links that I will provide you. You will work in group of 4 . The information you are going to discover are different for each group.

group1. general information

Which is the official name of Poland?. Which is the language? Does Poland use the euro? Which is the capital city? How many inhabitants does Poland have? Which are the border countries? Which are the colours flag? Give a brief description.

group2. geographical features

Where Poland is located ?  Named the different landscapes. Which animals can you  find in Poland forests? Which animal was almost extinct ?

group 3 Cultural heritage

What is  Poland heritage? Named some of famous monuments

group 4 Famous people

Who are the most famous Polish people?

Why  are they famous?

Which are the most popular sports in Poland?

Phase 2: you should choose a format for you presentation discuss about it in the group: it can be a power point or a poster...you should use text and pictures.

Phase 3. you have to present your job to other groups.

Phase 4 Finally we evaluate the work done through a peer evaluation: each group review the job of another group.

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