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I give you a list of useful links and a list of questions you have to answer, They are different for each group.

Step 1Every group have to choose a reader, a writer, a designer and a speaker. The reader have to read carefully information and find out what is relevant for your task. The writer have to take notes and put information together. The designer have to organize the page of presentation with text and images and the speaker have to present the work done to other groups.

Step 2 First of all you have to read carefully the questions.

Step 3 Open the links and  find information you need to answer the questions.

Step 4  Write down all information you can find it.

Step 5 Read all information you have written and  discuss together  the format you want to choose for your presentation ( power point, poster..) you should put text and pictures.

Step 6 Look at the pictures and choose which fit well for your presentation. Open a folder on the desktop and save the  pictures choosen

Step 7 Start to arrange your presentation, even if everyone has its own task remember to discuss and share opinion with your group at any time.

Step 8  Revise the work done and make any arrangement needed. 

Step 9 give credits for pictures and informstion used.

Step 10 present information you collect to other groups

Step 11 evaluate the work done taking in consideration  indicators given

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